As a platinum sponsor at the 2013 Brightest Young Minds (BYM) Summit, Connemara could help passionate young people better understand what drives them to learn more, do more, become more. 

BYM is a youth-driven non-profit organisation that identifies unique young people, and helps them to be positive change agents. 
By undergoing the Insights Discovery Personal Profile, delegates went on a journey of self-understanding to learn more about their working style and how it impacts on others.
It was invigorating to stimulate the bright young minds of today that will lead change, companies and even countries one day. We found that by sharing our tools for building personal effectiveness, we gained an even greater desire to inspire others to dream more.

Bright Young Minds - Pictures from the event

100 Bright young minds work in groups, under the expert facilitation of Kathy Davidson.

Facilitator Mark Leisegang in action.