Our philosophy of “serious fun” guides who we are and what we do. While we believe life-long learning is non-negotiable, being absorbed while learning should be an explicit benefit. 

This explains why we chose the Connemara Black as our logo. This superb point fly has proved an excellent choice during the difficult times of the early season when fly-fishermen relish the chance to coax reluctant fish into taking the bait.

It is precisely because they delight in the challenge of the moment that they achieve the desired results.  

Connemara is driven by a commitment to anticipate, understand and co-create the learning solutions that clients need to succeed. The way we integrate strategy, coaching, action learning, and assessments into the mainstream offering of management and leadership development, is part of our ongoing success.

The desire of people to learn more, do more and become more, influences how we do business. The need for companies to energise their approach, effectiveness and thinking, directs our method.

Our solutions thread the two into a synergistic formula that:

  • celebrates the uniqueness of every person and avoid the one-size-fits-all approach;
  • shows a deep understanding of your business, your industry, your challenges;
  • respects your time, values, culture and people so that we respond to what you need;
  • guides win-win partnerships because we’re here to build long-term relationships; and
  • stimulates fresh thinking and set out to improve on what was yesterday’s ultimate solution.

The Connemara offering is unique, accredited, respected. The Connemara culture is one of enthusiasm and energy. This combination allows us to get it right, consistently.