Connemara was established in 1996 with a vision to grow the sense of purpose people gain from the work they do. 

It was a vision we had for ourselves. The founders had followed their own trail of dreams to form a company that would enable people to strive for more than they could hope, stretch further than they thought possible and achieve more than they could imagine.

The founders of Connemara are the pioneers of training and development in South Africa, which has given us a depth of understanding that only experience can create.

This experience has honed our distinct capability of bringing business strategy and people development together to achieve outstanding results. 

Our clients have shaped our history. From the outset we have attracted organisations that see potential and push for perfection, and we have grown alongside them. As they have changed to face the different challenges of a dynamic business world, we have adapted to ensure fresh and robust solutions are available to them.

Through the years we have seen how learning changes the landscape that influences the mindscape. It inspires people to think bigger and become better, resulting in companies that drive excellence and leave behind legacies.

We work intensively alongside our clients to make these legacies come alive.