Team Effectiveness

Successful companies rely on effective teams to meet the needs of their clients and fulfill the organisation’s purpose.

Team Effectiveness describes a planning process which, by exploring mutual expectations, helps a functional team to perform optimally by defining their vision/strategy, short- and long-term goals, critical success factors, roles and responsibilities.

It also aims to enhance relationships by creating an improved understanding of working and communication styles and roles, thus building trust, team cohesion and congruency.

By analysing individual and team strengths and weaknesses we can help identify role duplication or gaps, and provide focus and direction.

To enhance our Team Effectiveness initiatives, we recommend using Insights. The Insights Team Effectiveness model provides a unique lens through which to explore the defining moments for your team. This model, which encompasses the eight elements of an effective team, enables us to highlight the most pressing and important issues for the team's development and provides a practical and accessible framework to address them. This approach is underpinned by Insights Discovery and Insights Navigator, which explore the team's preferences and capabilities.

Insights offers a comprehensive interpersonal and team learning technology. Connemara is an Insights Affiliate for Africa and holds the license to distribute Insights products throughout the continent.

Our expertise relies on 20 years’ experience, solid processes and a robust methodology, which yield consistently beneficial results. As with all Connemara offerings, our approach to Team Effectiveness is custom designed to integrate with other development initiatives.