Contrary to popular belief, great salespeople listen more than they talk. They earn the right to build trust with the client by tuning into their communication style and sparking the client’s interest. They don’t just talk about value, they create it, and they remove any doubts from a client’s mind when they are nearing a commitment. 

Average salespeople do none of these or, at best, do them on a sporadic basis, and therefore fail to build value for their clients – or sustainable impact on your business.

To succeed in sales requires focus and effort, using a methodology that starts by first seeing the client’s reality through their eyes; understanding how, why and when they buy, and creating some value so they will actively seek your advice when making buying decisions. 

Our customisable Sales Effectiveness  solution is an extensive programme to develop sales professionals and is designed to explore the salesperson’s mindset, capability and behaviour at every stage of the sale.

Imparta’s Sales Coaching programme is specifically tailored to the sales environment. It allows managers to develop skills and behaviours to ensure coaching conversations that drive individual and business performance. 

Managers “learn by doing” through a series of realistic and challenging coaching scenarios, and our follow-through tools ensure that they continue coaching with the right frequency and to the right level. 

Sales Coaching helps managers address:

  • underperforming sales teams
  • missed opportunities
  • low win rates
  • average performance
  • high turnover
  • the management of over-achievers.