Leadership is strategic and strategic planning is leadership.

Strategic planning is quite simply long-term planning: Leaders are accountable for strategy; employees execute that strategy. Connemara's role is to help you develop a plan that will enable your people to make it happen.

Engaging in "Crucial Conversations" is an important part of devising a strategy. These conversations take place by ensuring we ask the right questions of ourselves, thereby targeting the right answers. It also ensures we are discussing the important issues and not avoiding or skirting around them.

Your people will ultimately determine the face of your plan. It is for this reason that we ensure that the strategy matches the culture, that we involve people in the execution and that everyone knows the "how", "why" and "when" of the plan.

The process is given clarity, accountability and a real time frame, which indicates the beginning and end of the process.

Regular reviews are strongly encouraged as we are creating new habits within your organisation, which require new disciplines and mind-sets. Reviews also allow for adjustment and change, or when a fresh opportunity calls for a new initiative.