Giving good service is like investing in a market that promises a guaranteed return. If it is woven into the fabric of your company’s culture, it becomes a strategy to retain talent, provide a competitive edge and be innovative.

Anyone can copy products but your service ethic is as unique to your company as a fingerprint. While most companies aim to give good service, not many achieve it because service falters without a collective and sustained effort.

Service is most successful when it is consistent and predictable. Creatively applied, it becomes the single most powerful tool available to a company through good and bad times. Best of all, much of what clients value in service does not need a substantial financial investment.

At Connemara, we understand that service has a life of its own, growing and maturing beyond our initial intervention. It is a complex, constantly evolving entity that needs its own strategy.

We make it our business to know the realities of yours before designing a programme to match them. Together we work towards a service ethic that culminates in a tangible shift in behaviour, constantly communicating the infinite possibilities that great service can bring to your business.

Once we have closely examined all aspects of your business through onsite observation and service experience, we conduct a series of client interviews and focus groups in order to critically and objectively examine your service.

The next step is to work with the leaders in your company, together creating a coherent strategy that identifies those who will champion the cause.

With the key players in position, Connemara maps out a process that will determine where any gaps exist in both the internal and external client-service chain. Our team evaluates and assesses the organisational structure to ensure that it supports customer service.

Using a variety of learning methods such as mystery shopping, workshops and onsite coaching, Connemara builds a “burning platform” where teams can identify issues that need urgent change in order to survive. Finally, we establish service standards, values and behaviours, which are then integrated into performance measures. 

Importantly, Connemara does not impose solutions or simply drive a “pet project” – we leave a legacy for you to build upon.