Performance Management

An effective Performance Management system enhances company performance by enabling people performance. It is much more than a quarterly checklist of activities. Managing individual performance is a dynamic process that demands support from leadership and is integrated within the system as an on-going people management activity. 

Traditionally, Performance Management is known as an iterative process of establishing goals, measuring results and providing feedback to employees. It is designed to create understanding of company objectives across levels, which in turn gives effect to the strategic and operational plans of the organisation.

Performance Management is a crucial element of the people management life cycle and is often incorrectly applied. Instead of focusing on dynamic dialogue, agile feedback and coaching, it tends to concentrate on the correct application of systems and processes. 

Connemara provides expertise and support in a number of ways, including: 

  • conceptualising a performance management philosophy and process best suited to your organisation,
  • aligning and integrating your performance management systems to the broader people management approach and supporting processes, such as recruitment, development and remuneration,
  • developing line managers’ understanding and skill to effectively implement and apply all aspects of the performance management system, and
  • developing employees’ understanding and skill to own their part of the performance management system.