Connemara recognises that there are three distinct phases to Graduate Placement: Sourcing, Developing and Retaining. Each phase dovetails with the next and we believe each graduate’s potential can only be fully realised when all three phases are aligned in an end-to-end solution. 
The following provides a brief description of Connemara’s approach to each phase:
  • Sourcing may include psychometric assessment batteries to match candidate competencies to internal competency frameworks, as well as creating Graduate Placement guidelines and suggestions (including the contribution potential and development areas for each individual placed).
  • Development consists of a broad spectrum of learning and development inputs including commercially oriented action learning projects, training (technical and soft skills), coaching (group and individual) and mentoring frameworks.
  • Retention considers postgraduate programme succession planning, career development and support to ensure the company’s investment is enhanced by loyal employees who are good brand ambassadors. 
Connemara has had many years’ experience designing and delivering graduate programmes. The focus is on soft skills (as distinct from technical skills) and usually includes a number of modules, designed around a central relevant, co-ordinating theme. With these in place, learning is more likely to be accelerated and internalised, and the tracking of development is made possible.