Diversity means different things to different people. Is it race or the generation gap? Yes, those are the obvious elements. But it can also be different expectations, business culture, perceived competence or lack thereof, or different styles of work and communication.
Each of these can affect individual productivity, team effectiveness and business performance.
Connemara helps companies manage diversity by: 
  • Sensitising individuals to diversity of thinking, needs and approach;
  • Developing a deeper self-understanding and knowledge of prejudice;
  • Acquiring tools for engaging and managing diverse points of view and desired outcomes;
  • Gaining a deeper understanding of relevant issues affecting transformation in the organisation;
  • Learning skills to facilitate transformation discussions; and
  • Developing a shared vision and creating an action plan for dealing with key issues at work. 
The process is highly experiential and includes methodologies and tools such as: 
  • Talking sticks,
  • Talking books,
  • Dilemma dialogues,
  • Engaging in a transformative dialogue, 
  • DVDs, and
  • Dynamic Debate.