Change Management

When organisations talk about change, they usually have a desired result in mind, such as improved performance, new structures or behaviour, or improved service. 
Yet, only 27, 3% of all change initiatives succeed (Harvard Business Review; 2006), primarily because people do not accept or believe in the reasons for change. Changing a system or procedure may be straightforward; changing people requires a number of varied interventions.
Our approach to managing change is to work from the inside out – beginning with a deep personal experience and understanding of one’s response to change. We encourage robust conversations at a personal, team and organisational level and engage groups to influence change through peer pressure.
We recommend two different interventions, one for Leaders in the organisation and one for Professionals and Business Support.
Leaders will, among others, be shown how to communicate effectively for change as well as to gain buy-in, and manage the individual and team mindset during the different stages of change.
Professional and Business support staff will learn how to understand the shared vision and people’s responses to change, consider their own limiting beliefs and how to shift their mindset. 

The end-result is an aligned team that takes ownership of the change, is personally committed to the change and has the competence to perform effectively in the changed environment. 

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