Customised Organisational Interventions

Sometimes it is necessary to make sweeping changes within an organisation. Dealing with challenges which need to be addressed across an entire organisation requires highly specialised expertise.

Our organisational interventions address vital issues such as dealing with change, building cultural sensitivity, managing diversity and delivering service excellence.

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  • Change Management

    When organisations talk about change, they usually have a desired result in mind, such as improved performance, new structures or behaviour, or improved service.

    Yet, only 27, 3% of all change initiatives succeed (Harvard Business Review; 2006), primarily because people do not accept or believe in the reasons for change. Changing a system or procedure may be straightforward; changing people requires a number of varied interventions.

  • Culture

    Connemara has considerable experience in designing specific interventions for clients, particularly when they undergo organisational change. One such intervention is a Culture and Climate Audit where internal research provides executives with information on which to base the implementation of their business objectives.

  • Diversity

    Diversity means different things to different people. Is it race or the generation gap? Yes, those are the obvious elements. But it can also be different expectations, business culture, perceived competence or lack thereof, or different styles of work and communication.

  • Graduate

    Connemara recognises that there are three distinct phases to Graduate Placement: Sourcing, Developing and Retaining. Each phase dovetails with the next and we believe each graduate’s potential can only be fully realised when all three phases are aligned in an end-to-end solution.

  • Induction

    Starting a new job can be daunting, with new employees often feeling rudderless in the crucial early days. A structured induction programme, customised to an organisation’s culture, brand and market, gives direction and can be extremely beneficial for both new employees and the business.

  • Performance Management

    An effective Performance Management system enhances company performance by enabling people performance. It is much more than a quarterly checklist of activities. Managing individual performance is a dynamic process that demands support from leadership and is integrated within the system as an on-going people management activity.

  • Service

    Giving good service is like investing in a market that promises a guaranteed return. If it is woven into the fabric of your company’s culture, it becomes a strategy to retain talent, provide a competitive edge and be innovative.

  • Strategy

    Leadership is strategic and strategic planning is leadership. Strategic planning is quite simply long-term planning: Leaders are accountable for strategy; employees execute that strategy. Connemara’s role is to help you develop a plan that will enable your people to make it happen.