Application Learning

Great results come when leaders are challenged to put leadership training into practice and theory gets put to work. Application Learning provides an engaging platform for leaders to solve actual business problems in a collaborative team context. When people find solutions to real business problems in real time – that’s when learning really begins.

We have developed a Connemara approach by taking the best of the traditional or classic Action Learning principles and combining them with learning, organisational and leadership development principles. Our customised solution is called Application Learning.

In our experience, recommendations and solutions generated by Application Learning project teams are more relevant, impactful and sustainable than those generated by outside consultants.

Application Learning drives leaders to develop innovative solutions for continuous business problems while saving cost.

Most leadership development programmes focus on classroom engagement – an environment where there are no consequences for sustainable business application. Application Learning is different in that it allows leaders to explore every aspect of leadership in the real business setting.

The process is rooted in the strong partnership that exists between Connemara and its clients: we become your trusted advisor, facilitating a safe environment to explore new ways of developing solutions.