Connemara Builds Leaders

By offering real solutions to real business challenges, we develop leaders who can transform their organisations.

We offer leadership development for all levels of management and our programmes are accredited.  

Discover how we can help you shape your organisation's leaders for a successful tomorrow.

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  • Senior

    Connemara offers bespoke programmes to build senior leaders - they are the drivers of your organisational strategy and direction. Let us equip your senior leaders with the special skills to help them at the helm.

  • Middle

    Mid-level managers play a vital role in the successful operation of a business. We offer bespoke solutions to develop excellent middle managers.

  • Team Leaders

    Team leadership is not what it used to be. Connemara can assist in developing team leadership skills to assist in coping with the demands of modern organisations.

  • Accelerated Development Programmes

    Connemara’s Accelerated Development Programme (ADP) is designed to fast track employees who have been identified as future leaders. 

  • Application Learning

    Great results come when leaders are challenged to put leadership training into practice and theory gets put to work. Application Learning provides an engaging platform for leaders to solve actual business problems in a collaborative team context. When people find solutions to real business problems in real time – that’s when learning really begins.