Specialised Coaching Solutions

Effective coaching is customised to the specifics of every brief and every journey tends to be unique in nature. Connemara has developed extensive expertise in the design of specialised coaching engagements that meet a diverse range of business and development requirements. 
Our clients know they can challenge us to meet briefs that go beyond the norm. From working with the Parastatal Educational Departments focussing on school principals who are not meeting the grade,to highly confidential Country Managing Director Selection Programmes for global IT businesses, we are able to carefully craft and execute unique coaching solutions. 
Specialised Coaching Solutions often involve more than one learning methodology employed simultaneously. These may include:
  • workshops, 
  • e-learning, 
  • virtual conferencing,
  • webinars, 
  • different organisational levels working together, 
  • themed learning, and 
  • pure coaching.