Peer Group Coaching

It is not always possible to offer one-on-one coaching to every leader, given financial or time constraints. Peer Group Coaching is a cost-effective alternative, with its strong bias towards individuals achieving shifts in their professional leadership learning journeys.

This form of coaching is commonly offered as an adjunct to Connemara Leadership and Management Development Programmes to embed, internalise and encourage the application of modular-based Learning in a more personalised and focussed environment. 

Small groups of five people, consisting of leaders who are peers (but not from the same team or even the same segment), experience the group learning process. They go through a series of 5-7 two-hour sessions where they focus on accelerating their personal leadership intentions and priorities.

Peer Group Coaching can adopt many forms: from accelerated on-boarding processes for new talent into a business to help them transition into the culture, to sales and service focussed initiatives.

Peer Group Coaching typically targets junior- to mid-level leaders to help them grow in the context of a group learning alliance. Participants of Peer Group Coaching consistently say "it’s so great to know I'm not alone in my challenges".