Mentoring translates complex learning, development and business challenges into simple easy steps. 

Mentees can access the specialist knowledge and experience of leaders who have had the benefit of travelling the path a little longer than them. This relationship is a special connection of the aspirations and drive of the mentee, coupled with the generosity, wisdom and care of the mentor. It forms a powerful exchange that results in significant change.
Mentoring happens most commonly in programmes where Connemara leads and supervises the process to ensure desired results. Mentoring also happens when there are specialist needs that relate to individual leaders’ challenges and they require an executive mentor with a carefully matched set of business and leadership skills.
The potential to unleash the untapped internal capability within organisations can be accelerated with targeted mentoring. Connemara has specialist senior mentors who can train internal mentors within your organisation and we have witnessed many amazing shifts across whole client systems through the programmes we offer.
While mentoring is distinct from coaching, all mentoring engagements follow a coaching approach to learning as a best practice.