Leadership Coaching

Leadership coaching targets emerging leaders that will be the influencers and executives of the future. It ensures that the succession planning foundation remains strong by offering support for promising leaders to progress to the next level.

Organisations are interested in investing in and retaining talented individuals and there is the constant challenge to fast-track these leaders into senior levels. This is where leadership coaching comes into its own.

Whether through a programme working with selected groups of leaders or with just one individual, leadership coaching streamlines their growth and enables them to prepare psychologically. At the same time they develop solid personal awareness and leadership practices as they enter the domain of rigorous people management and strategic thinking and action.

In this stage of development, their work is about translating management thinking into action and letting go of the textbook way of doing things. Their work is to start discovering the unique leadership tactics specific to their own context that will enable them to progress in a stable and consistent manner. It’s about building a strong foundation for long-term leadership prowess as well as deep-level purpose and excitement about achieving great things for the organisation.

Including key stakeholders in development suggestions supports these new leaders in being shaped into mature, self-aware, and directed leaders that command respect and inspire their followers.