Coaching Programmes

Coaching can be described as a personalised learning and development methodology.

It supports an individual to achieve accelerated performance, creates conditions for business and personal success and supports individuals in their professional and personal transformational journeys.

Our coaching programmes span a wide range of topics from leadership to mentoring to team or peer coaching. Explore our range of offerings here.

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  • Executive Coaching

    Coaching is one of the most effective learning technologies in the modern business environment. It provides a “high touch” intervention in an increasingly high-tech world.

    While coaching empowers across all levels, we believe executive coaching is one of the single-most powerful ways of positively impacting the success of an organisation.

  • Leadership Coaching

    Leadership coaching targets emerging leaders that will be the influencers and executives of the future.
    It ensures that the succession planning foundation remains strong by offering support for promising leaders to progress to the next level.
  • Peer Group Coaching

    It is not always possible to offer one-on-one coaching to every leader, given financial or time constraints. Peer Group Coaching is a cost-effective alternative, with its strong bias towards individuals achieving shifts in their professional leadership learning journeys.

  • Mentoring

    Mentoring translates complex learning, development and business challenges into simple easy steps. 

    Mentees can access the specialist knowledge and experience of leaders who have had the benefit of travelling the path a little longer than them. 
  • Specialised Coaching Solutions

    Effective coaching is customised to the specifics of every brief and every journey tends to be unique innature. Connemara has developed extensive expertise in the design of specialised coaching engagements that meet a diverse range of business and development requirements. 

  • Manager as Coach

    Connemara believes in influencing managers to coach their own teams, at their own discretion, and as part of the normal weekly rhythm of business. Many managers are ill at ease with coaching since it is a complex conversation and requires specialised training. Thus, manager coaching often does not get traction internally without external support. 

  • Team Coaching

    Team coaching is the most powerful way to discover and activate alignment and performance to create a learning team that delivers. Team coaching gives the opportunity to become great in all facetsof business. 

  • Virtual Coaching