Knowing how to frame questions, to look for appropriate answers and identify the right individuals is vital to the success of a company.
Connemara offers solutions in shaping the questions which help resolve challenges, find staff and create roles. 
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  • Role Analysis

    Role Analysis (often referred to as Job Analysis or Profiling) is used to determine the knowledge, skills and behavioural attributes a person needs to perform a defined role in the business. 

  • Competency Based Assessments

    Competency-based assessment tools are used to assess a person’s competence, whether demonstrated, true or acquired. The exercises are customised to reflect the person’s real work environment and are directly related to their required outputs. 

  • Assessment and Development Centres

    Assessment and Development Centres are not places, but rather processes or assessment approaches designed to meet the specific requirements of our clients.

    Assessment Centres are best used for recruitment and placement, as they are geared towards filling job vacancies and address an immediate organisational need. 

  • Competency Frameworks

    Competence is the ability to apply knowledge effectively, efficiently and appropriately. A Competency Framework describes the areas of competence required to effectively perform a defined role.