Customised Development and Skills Training Programmes

At Connemara, we understand every organisation has unique needs. Developing people within an organisation can bring about a profound change to that organisation's culture and performance.

We set ourselves apart in the industry of people development by putting our clients' needs first.  

To this end, we work hard to build partnerships and establish close working relationships with all our clients. Our efforts to understand the exact requirements of any people development work are reflected in the success of the outcome. Our work is closely tied to deliverable objectives.  We ensure that it is possible to measure our success against these objectives once work is completed.  

We are therefore confident to offer a range of customised people development solutions and services which we know will bring about the positive transformation required within managers or teams.

Our Programmes

  • Leadership

    We develop leaders who can transform organisations by offering real solutions to real business challenges.

  • Teams

    A cohesive and strongly collaborative team is vital to the success of an organisation. Connemara offers programmes to assist in developing effective teams.

  • Coaching

    Coaching can be described as a training or development process via which an individual is supported while achieving a specific personal or professional competence result or goal. Connemara offers a wide range of coaching programmes, spanning many topics.

  • Skills

    In today's fast paced world organisations sometimes need to provide staff with specific skills within a short time period.  Connemara provides a wide range of short courses, as well as basic skills training.

  • Organisational

    It's sometimes necessary to make sweeping changes across an organisation. Connemara can assist in this processs and faciliate positive change.

  • Sales

    A strong sales team is central to the financial success of a business.  Sales skills are highly sought-after. Connemara can assist your sales team to deliver best practice sales techniques.

  • Assessments

    Asking the right questions can lead to successful outcomes. Connemara provides guidance in constructing the right assessments to achieve organisational objectives.