Insights Navigator

So, now that you have completed your own Insights Discovery Personal Profile, Insights Navigator enable you to map your journey of development. 
Insights Navigator is a powerful capability based development tool used to measure capability against key performance indicators. It can be used for the individual, team or organisations to track and monitor development over time. It can act as a compass to identify where you are, where you want to be and what you have to do to get there.
Based on respondents’ feedback using an online evaluator, a comprehensive profile is produced which assesses capability and areas for development. You can choose to create a Navigator that is tailored to the critical success factors for your business or choose from a range of standard profiles to improve the effectiveness of your teams, salespeople or leaders.

Using Insights Navigator

Insights Navigator is ideal if you want to:

  • measure your capabilities and how relevant they are to your role
  • develop and focus on strengths for your role
  • learn how others see you in your role
  • gain a clear understanding of the strengths and challenges within a team

Standard Navigator Profiles include:

  • Insights Navigator Team Effectiveness: Do you need to create a high performing team: experience a Team Effectiveness programme, with the Insights Navigator Team Effectiveness Profile and the Navigating Team Effectiveness Workshop Journal to help individuals and nd teams move more quickly towards their goals.
  • Insights Navigator Transformational Leadership: Do you need to develop transformational leaders: Use the Insights Navigator Transformational Leadership Profile to help leaders to track their progress over time as part of a leadership development programme.

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