Insights Discovery

  • How can you help individuals understand themselves better?
  • How can you build confidence in your people?
  • Imagine if you could find an engaging and practical way to help individuals develop themselves?
  • What if you could transform the way that you do business?

Insights Discovery is a powerful, preference based learning system which has impacted thousands of lives worldwide. With foundations in the work of Carl Jung, Insights Discovery helps individuals better understand themselves and others, and enables more effective interactions and organisational growth.

To get started with the Insights Discovery Personal Effectiveness journey, individuals complete an online evaluator. Once completed, a 20+ page Insights Discovery Personal Profile is created. This presents a detailed picture of the individual's personal style and how this impacts on their personal and professional relationships.

Celebrating the uniqueness of every individual, Insights Discovery is easy to understand and recall making long term application and change more likely.

Insights Discovery uses a colour wheel to categorise personality types. Which colours are you?

In its simplest form the Insights Discovery learning system identifies four colour energies - Cool Blue, Earth Green, Sunshine Yellow and Fiery Red - and presents these on a wheel we call the Insights Discovery Wheel.

Each of us uses these colour energies to varying degrees, though it is our unique ordering of the colour energies that will shape our personal style, and it will be our preference for one colour energy that will indicate our dominant or preferred style of thinking, working and communicating.

Can you work out which colours are your dominant ones?

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