Ceed Learning

Finding knowledge is not the challenge for today’s forward thinkers. Finding time is.

Ceed learning uses technology-enabled learning to address organisations’ performance needs rapidly, effectively and successfully.

Today’s competitive advantage lies with those who can learn and adapt faster. This requires learning solutions that not only link critical business  goals to specific objectives and  capabilities of individuals, but also utilise enabling technologies.

More importantly, they use 21st century blended design to help people learn just in time and keep pace with change.

Blended solutions refer to the combination of face-to-face classroom methods and online tools and activities with the objective to deliver performance, reduce delivery cost and reach more people in a shorter time.

Ceed learning focuses on developing blended learning solutions in the following areas:

  • Management and leadership skills 
  • Role specific learning programmes
  • Induction programmes 
  • eFacilitation skills
  • Continuing Professional Development 

Ceed learning was founded as a result of synchronicity in action. During 2012, Connemara in response to clients’ needs, invested in a technology-enabled learning approach with entrepreneurial flair. During this period, Bernadine Sprighton, an expert in the field joined Connemara. After working together for a short period, Ceed learning, with Bernadine as CEO, was the obvious next step.

Together we fill the gap in a market not yet fully serviced.

To view articles by Bernadine Sprighton, visit her blog.