Introducing Our Partners

Connemara endeavours to provide outstanding excellence in people development for all our clients.  

To this end, we seek expertise from leading companies both locally and internationally, who can provide top expertise in their particular field of excellence.  We have partnered with such organisations, which means that we can deliver a broader range of services and solutions to our clients.

Below are Connemara's selected partners.

Insights Africa

Insights offers a comprehensive interpersonal and team learning technology. The programme facilitates greater understanding of preferred communication styles and helps develop a common language; provides a framework to understand and value differences, and applauds the unique contribution that each person brings to the team.


Ceed Learning

Finding knowledge is not the challenge for today’s forward thinkers. Finding time is.

Ceed [Succeed] uses technology-enabled learning to address organisations’ performance needs rapidly, effectively and successfully.

Today’s competitive advantage lies with those who can learn and adapt faster. This requires learning solutions that link business goals to specific objectives and match capabilities of individuals. More importantly, they use 21st century blended design to help people learn just-in-time and keep pace with change.