The Connemara brand has become synonymous with custom-designed leadership and people development programmes. We believe people and their businesses are all different and deserve tailormade solutions to suit their needs.

We have vast experience in co-creating solutions that result in a positive and measurable outcome. We have specific and deep expertise in: 

  • organisational transformation,
  • programme design,
  • programme delivery,
  • development of customised learning material, and
  • project management. 

All of this makes us different. Yet, we are most proud of our different approach to life-long learning, one in which we: 

  • create a fit between strategy and people;
  • celebrate the uniqueness of each person and business;
  • understand your business and its challenges;
  • respect your values, culture and employees;
  • believe some things never change, while others should;
  • know that time is expensive;
  • maximise return on investment;
  • listen carefully;
  • provide new skills just in time; and
  • have serious fun while doing it.