Accreditation allows organisations such as ours to demonstrate commitment to maintaining our programme quality and proving that our programmes are performing at the level required by the professions we serve. The result provides lasting benefits to our clients and their employees and ensures we remain dedicated to constant self-monitoring.

Accreditation is awarded to providers who offer outcomes-based learning programmes aligned to the National Qualifications Framework (NQF) registered unit standards and qualifications. It is given usually for a period of three years. Connemara is an Accredited Provider registered at the Service SETA ETQA (SETQAA). Our SETQAA accreditation number is 0419.

As an audit process of the provider’s quality system and programmes, accreditation also ensures that learning and assessments result in nationally recognised credits, and ultimately in the achievement of a formal qualification.

Connemara, as an accredited provider, is able to:

  • Offer a variety of accredited short courses (standalone generic modules) including Insights;
  • Design, develop and align programme content to unit standards as required.This is both for short courses and full management and leadership development programmes; and
  • Manage the process to accredit learners.  

The legislative changes to the skills levy and grants in South Africa have led to a greater demand for accredited programmes, a need we are well-placed to address.